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About Us

The Academy (also known as Rayners Lane Taekwon-do Academy) was established in April, 1999 and has been producing quality students ever since. We are a friendly school of Taekwon-do that train hard and have fun whilst doing so. Our focus is on student development for all ages, from child to adult.


We are a school of Taekwon-do that adheres to the original Ch'ang Hon (I.T.F.) syllabus of Taekwon-do. The syllabus has been expanded more than most schools in order to develop students capabilities in all ranges of self defence, to make each student as capable as possible in all areas on their path to the coveted black belt and beyond.


The academy teaches all the major aspects of Taekwon-do as taught in the large federations, such as patterns, sparring & destruction, but we also teach areas that are sadly neglected in some schools. These areas include pattern interpretation (patterns contain strikes, locks, throws & pressure point techniques), pattern application (teaching the correct methods of applying the techniques found within the patterns) & street smart self defence.


Through training, students become capable in all ranges of fighting. From kicking & punching, to sweeping & throwing, to wrist, arm & leg locks, to chokes, strangles & vertical grappling, to throwing techniques & (although not part of the original syllabus) ground fighting techniques. This is coupled with a comprehensive self protection syllabus, that runs along side the main grading syllabus.


Consistent standards, consistent results, and consistently happy & accomplished students, together with top class instructors make the Academy what it is, as well as well known and respected worldwide.

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