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The Taekwon-do History You Probably  Never Knew! 

Many people enjoy a bit of History, none more so when it comes to our beloved art. Its why, in the 6 books I have written, even though one is an in-depth history book and the other 5 are not, all six of them contain some history sections in them. History is of course the past that shaped the future, but it doesn't always have to be deep or in depth, sometimes it nice just to read something that makes you go ‘Ah! that's interesting’ or ‘Hmmm... I never knew that!’, giving you a little extra knowledge and a smile, before moving on to whatever else you had to do that day. And so, I present 11 snippets of Taekwon-do (related) History You Probably Never Knew!

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Patterns: The Devil Is in The Details - Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt.3 and Pt. 4

Having just completed three in-depth books on the Ch’ang patterns (The Encyclopedia Of Taekwon-Do Patterns), I clarified a few points with various Taekwon-Do Masters and Grandmasters (both within the ITF and some not in the ITF) to ensure the books were as accurate as possible and by doing so I gained a lot of useful insights into various techniques contained within the patterns, of which I share in this series of articles.   

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Chambering The Perfect Side Piercing Kick

Out of all the basic kicks a beginner or lower Kup grade practices early on in their Taekwon-do studies, it seems that the Side Piercing Kick is the one they most struggle with, I`m sure there are exceptions, but I often see higher Kup grades and even black belts still executing this technique poorly, so here we look at it a little more closely. 

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How Long Should  It Take To Get A Taekwon-Do Black Belt?

In this day and age, opinions vary greatly on the length of time it should take someone to gain their black belt from complete beginner. Some feel it's just a case of getting the 'basics' down, so shouldn't take too long, others feel it is a little more than that and represents a pivotal point in any Taekwon-Doists career and some serious skills should be attained. I have heard it can take as little as 2 years, to an average of 4 to 6 years for some, 10 years or anywhere in between! In this article we look at General Choi's actual original timelines to gain a black belt and compare it to todays training regimes!   -   Click Here To Read Article





Top Tips for Successful Competition

Having competed since early on in my Taekwon-do career, I have been to both local and international events and competed in sparring, patterns and destruction (as well as team events). Though I do not cons.ider myself an ‘Ultimate’ competitor, I have had a fairly successful competition career so, from my experience I offer the following advice for any student that wishes to participate in the sport side of Taekwon-do   -   Click Here To Read Article






From Black Belt to Slumdog - An Interview With Dev Patel

In this exclusive interview to celebrate the launch of Totally Tae Kwon Do magazine, Dev speaks candidly about his history and training in the art he loves.   -   Click Here To Read The Interview






More Great Articles

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