Mr Suliman Majeed, 2nd Degree

Mr Majeed started training in January 2004 at another Taekwon-do school when he was  6 years old. He trained there for 3 years and gained his Black belt there on 23rd June, 2007. He carried on training at that club until March 2009 when he  stopped and had a break. 

Mr Majeed returned to martial arts in January 2010 and joined Rayners Lane Taekwon-do Academy to continue his journey. He is a credit to the Academy and a shining example of how a junior black belt should be. Upon joining the Academy, in a short while he had learnt all 9 Kup patterns (plus saju jirugi & saju makgi), as well as the three 1st Dan patterns to a high standard, as he had learnt different ones at his previous school

Mr Majeed graded for Junior 2nd Degree on 11th April, 2013 and is now no longer a junior black belt, but a full black belt. He is currently at University, but still trains when he can.


Mr Umar Marikar, 1st Degree

Mr Parvez Sultan, 2nd Degree

Mr Marikar started training at the Academy in ??? aged only XX years old. He graded for his 1st Degree black belt in 2013.

He is featured, not only within, but on the cover of Mr Anslow's book 'Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-Do Hosinsul'. Mr Marikar is currently at University, but still trains when he can.


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Mr Sultan started Taekwon-Do in January 2000 at Rayners Lane Academy. Always training hard, he achieved his 1st degree in 2006 along side ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ start Dev Patel amongst others, making them the first students of the Academy to go from white to black belt. He also won the Academy's ‘Student of the Year’ award in 2001.


Mr Sultan has had a good competition career winning many medals along the way, with his highlights being the World Championships in 2004 where, after a terrible first day at the event, he pulled it together for day 2 and won the combined middle and heavyweight brown/red belt sparring division, fighting some tremendous fighters along the way. One of his proudest moments was testing himself at the authors previous organisations tournament (the BUTF British Championships) and winning the gold in the mens senior kup division after many good fights, actually ending up facing a club mate in the finals who had come up on the other side of the table.

Through the years Mr Sultan has been a dedicated student, training hard and showing good skills and technique, and he is a good, but tough instructor at the Academy. At present his work and family life means his attendance is irregular, but students will still see him training on occasion. 


Mr Sultan is also featured in a number of Mr Anslows books - Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul: Real Applications to the ITF Patterns, Vols 1, as well as The Encyclopedia Of Taekwon-Do Patterns: The Complete Patterns Resource For Ch’ang Hon, ITF & GTF  Students Of Taekwon-Do Vols 1, 2 & 3.


Mr Abhijay Sood, 1st Degree

Mr Sood started training at the Academy in ??? aged only XX years old and graded for his 1st Degree black belt in 2013. Mr Sood is currently at University, but still trains when he can.


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Mr Sultan's 2nd Dan grading
Mr Majeed's 2nd Dan & Mr Marikar's 1st Dan gradings
Mr Sultan's 1st Dan grading
Mr Sood's 1st Dan gradings