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History Of The Academy

The Academy was founded in April 1999 and since it's humble beginnings a lot of things have happened. Students have continually entered competitions and brought home gold, silver & bronze medals in all areas of Taekwon-do, earning the nickname `Rayners Lane Tigers` (after the Korean Infantry Division).


In 2000 the Academy celebrated its 1st Anniversary with two demonstrations (one by students & one by instructors) which was critically acclaimed by all who saw it, as one of the best Taekwon-do demonstrations they have ever. 


​In September 2000, the Instructor took four students to  the `1st Open World Martial Arts Championships` that were

A Video made To Celebrate Our 10th Anniversary

hosted by renowned Taekwon-do Grandmaster, Hee Il Cho. Not only did the students experience competition at a world class level, but they also brought back a silver and a bronze medal with their instructor (Mr Anslow) winning a gold & silver medal himself.

In 2001 the Academy is hosted its first tournament called `Taekwon-do Explosion 2001` to celebrate its 2nd Anniversary. This tournament included patterns, continuous sparring, black belt points sparring & a special technical destruction division, all of which is different from the usual Taekwon-do tournaments held in the UK.


As the first students of the Academy travelled their journeys towards black belt, their skills in Taekwon-do developed and now all senior students are fluent in not just kicking & striking, but also, throwing, choking, sweeping, takedown & locking techniques as well.


In September 2002, the Academies instructors founded the International Alliance Of Martial Art Schools, a free, world wide collaberation of martial arts schools that allow students from any member school to train, free of charge, at their schools, clubs & academies in a multitude of countries around the globe, a truely unique thing, which continues to grow every day.


In 2004 seven students of the Academy became world champions in their own right, two became double world gold medalists and many other students from the Academy placed in silver & bronze medal positions. This success continues in virtually every competition the Academy's students enter. 


Over the years, Rayners Lane Taekwon-do Academy & it students and Instructor has featured in numerous Martial Arts magazines, such as 'Combat', 'Fighters', 'Martial Arts Illustrated', 'Autralian Tae Kwon Do' amongst others and in 2003 Chief Instructor, Mr Stuart Anslow was inducted into the Combat Magazine 'Hall Of Fame',


In 2005/6, Mr Anslow wrote and released his first book (Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul: Real Applications To The ITF Patterns), which was released to critical acclaim. Since then he has released a further 5 books, all being highly regarded.


The Academy was also the place where movie star Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire, Chappie etc.) honed his kicking skills, achieving his black belt in 2006. You can view his actual black belt grading video here.


In 2012 five students won 6 golds between them at the PUMA World Opens, with many others gaining silver & bronzes. This would be the second time that Instructor Ms Reynolds has won double gold medals at a World Championship level event.


The Academy is recognised throughout the world for its high standards, in-depth teaching and quality students produced. 


Consistant standards, consistant results, and consistantly happy & accomplished students, together with top class instructors make the Academy what it is and the place you should choose to train!


2004 World Championships Video
Dev Patel with Academy Instructors
Dev Patel along with some of the other Academy Instructors
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