Junior Academy Instructors

Under 16's are able to take a 3 month Junior Instructors course (level 3 under the CMAA).


Ms Jorja Anslow, 1st Kup

Jorja started training at the Academy in 2013, aged 6 - she is now 14. Having graded to 1st Kup in late 2019, Jorja was due to take her black belt grading in October 2020, but Covid put a stop to that! Jorja is a regular competitor and has consistently medaled at almost every competition she has entered, often golds and often more than one medal, covering all tournament disciplines for Juniors: Patterns, Sparring and Special Technique. Once she even had to face her own cousin in the finals of Sparring.


Just prior to the pandemic, Jorja started her Junior Instructors Course, which was put on hold because of the lockdowns. However, in the gaps between lockdowns she was finally able to complete the course and is now a Junior Instructor at the Academy.


Mr Ojas Shretha, 1st Kup

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