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The Academy Syllabus

The syllabus of the Academy encompasses everything you would expect from 'standard' Taekwon-do classes, as you will find in virtually every Taekwon-do school: Patterns, Sparring and Destruction.


However, apart from the norm or standard training, the Academy syllabus teaches a whole lot more. For example, we teach the throwing techniques found within Taekwon-do, as well as joint locks, sweeps, take-downs and groundwork!


We don't just teach pattern performance, but actual applications and practice of the techniques contained within them, realistically for todays modern enviroment.


Nor do we just practice 'Competition Sparring' as so many other schools do, as we have different types of sparring that are more related to self defence than tournaments, such as 'Traditional Sparring', which you can see on the video clip to the right, but don't worry, this is for senior grades only (late teens and adults) and by the time you get there, you will have been well prepared by our instructors.


We also teach hosinsul (self defence) with realistic techniques both against 'empty hands' and weapons (such as knives and even guns) and have a full self-protection syllabus as well, which will help you to avoid confrontation in the first place, but also deal with it should you have to.


As well as all the above, we have all the elements associated with traditional Taekwon-do and much much more besides.

A Video showing a little of what we do at the Academy
Traditional Sparring Video

At the Academy you will learn a traditional martial art, whilst gaining supreme fitness and learning to defend yourself...

... all at the same time, in a friendly atmosphere, with experienced and professional instructors.

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