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Rayners Lane Taekwon-do Academy - This is the original site of the Academy which features lots and lots of pages and information relating to the Academy.


Totally Tae Kwon Do Books - The 'one stop shop' for every Tae Kwon Do book ever released


Totally Tae Kwon Do Magazine - The Global Tae Kwon Do magazine


Cobra Martial Arts Association - Our National Supporting Body. All Dan grades are registered here.

Harrow Martial Arts - the Academy is a professionally run business. This is its parents site.
Taekwondo Alliance - a Global Taekwondo Organisation
Tatu Taekwon-Do - Taekwon-Do & Self Defence
Master Clive Harrison's Family Tae Kwon Do
Focus Tae Kwon Do
Alba Ch'ang Hon


Enderby Karate - Family School of Self Defence

Kisport Martial Academy

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