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A Good Start To The Year

The Academy started 2020 with a well attended first class of the year, which is always good to see, but we were privileged to have a guest visit us all the way from Hong Kong. Ms. Fong first met up with Mr Anslow in 2018 in Korea, as they travelled on the Tul Tour. Ms. Fong is a 5th degree black belt.

And at the second class of 2020, we were lucky to have two more visitors, this time from New Zealand, in the shape of Mr Speed and his son (Mr Speed), 3rd and 2nd degree black belts respectively.

All our guests not only joined in our class, but also helped out with a small bit of teaching and each session finished with everyone practising applications from patterns. Everyone, both students and guests said they enjoyed the classes.

After training, both sets of guests were taken for a refreshing drink at an old English pub, the Queens Head which was built in 1705, before New Zealand was even founded (1856).

All in all, a great start to the year for the Academy and we hope to see them all again in the future.

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