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A New 3rd Dan + New Black Belts for the Academy
















Many congratulations to the Academy Instructor, Mr Parvez Sultan, who recently graded for his 3rd Degree on the 10th June, 2023, as well as 3 others going for their 1st Degree's.

After an extensive written and physical grading, along with Mr Sultan, Nick Brant was promoted to 1st Degree , Ojas Shrestha was promoted to Jnr 1st Degree and Siddharth Madapusivijay was promoted to Jnr 1st Degree - All with 'Merit' passes, from an excellent grading.

The full results are as follows:

- Mr Parvez Sultan, promoted to 3rd Degree black belt, with a 73% Merit Pass

- Mr Nick Brandt, promoted to 1st Degree black belt, with a 77% Merit Pass

- Ojas Shrestha, promoted to Jnr 1st Degree black belt, with a 73% Merit Pass
- Siddharth Madapusivijay, promoted to Jnr 1st Degree black belt, with a 72% Merit Pass.

The Academy doesn't promote many young students to black belt; with the previously held record before then being 14 years old, but Siddharth beat that record at this grading, being just a few days away from his 14th birthday, making him the youngest black belt the Academy has ever produced.

You can view how their Dan grading results rank with others that have gain Black Belts at the Academy by clicking here

Nick Brandt, Siddharth Musapusivijay, Ojas Shrestha & Mr Sultan

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