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Mr Anslow Promoted to 6th Degree












After 12 years as a 5th degree black belt, Instructor, author and editor of Totally Tae Kwon Do magazine, was finally convinced by his longtime friend Sabumnim Elliott Walker, to grade to 6th degree, alongside Dee Harris.


All 3 travelled to Rugby UK to be examined by Master Hay Harris (who himself was promoted to Master by Grandmaster Willie Lim, who examined Stuart for 5th degree all those years ago).


A tough (though than expected by all) 3 hour grading commenced with press ups and some basics to loosen up, then all 3 performed both So-San (a 72 move 5th degree patterns) both as a group, then again individually. The same happened with Se-Jong tul, first performing it as a group, then performing solo.


Then they were all examined on the Kup patterns, in random order, then a few more black belt patterns were performed.


After that, the trio went onto perform line-work; starting with various block and strike combinations, up and down the dojang, then after a while, moving on to slow motion kicking combinations - again up and down the dojang.


Then the pads were pulled out and the trio were asked to execute various kicking combinations on floppy targets, ending with hurricane kicks and and flying reverse turning kicks included. This was followed similarly with kick shields, again performing combinations that became more difficult, ending with flying back kicks and spiral kicks included.


After a quick water break, the trio were patterned up (extra black belts provided by Master Harris) and had to perform 3 step sparring, followed by various iterations of 1 step sparring and hosinsul, with demonstrations of strikes, kicks, locks and takedowns.


Then they were asked to pad up for free-sparring and 3 fresh students were brought on - despite the trio being between mid 40’s and mid 50’s, as well as what they had already physically done so far.


Following the free-sparring, the 3 hour grading concluded with destruction technique's; flying back piercing kicks, flying reverse turning kicks and technical breaks.


Finally, with all 3 exhausted it was over and Master Harris lined them up and issued the results - all 3 had passed and had earned their 6th degrees.

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