Applications Seminar for MCHF TKD & Friends


Report by Master Clive Harrison

On Sunday 17th April MCHF TKD’S Master Clive Harrison organised an application seminar in Cheltenham with Totally Taekwondo editor Mr Stuart Anslow 5th Dan. Known for his excellent books and articles on realistic applications of Taekwon-Do patterns Mr Anslow gave an impressive 3 hour seminar looking at applications from Chon-Ji to Gae Baek.


Teaching a group that comprised of senior grade students from MCHF TKD, IMA, PAGE TKD, PUMA, BANBURY TKD, COVENTRY TKD, NORTH WILTS TKD, TRIUMPH TKD, and members of the International Taekwondo Council (ITC). A special mention must go to Master John Kirkwood 7th Dan of the TKD Alliance and his wife Isobel who drove a 900 mile round trip from Scotland to attend, such is the respect we all have for Mr Anslow and his knowledge, he didn’t disappoint and taught an excellent seminar thoroughly enjoyed by all present.

Always ready to give his outspoken and honest views on the subject Mr Anslow covered a variety of applications including applications for low block, middle and high inner and outer forearm blocks, knife hand guarding blocks, twin forearm blocks, wedging blocks, rising blocks, various x knifehand and forearm blocks, double arc hand blocks, hooking and double forearm blocks both individually and in combinations.


I believe we owe it to our students to encourage them to ask “why do we do this move?” and then give them an HONEST and practical self defence explanation. I have studied pressure point applications back in the late 90’s and thought I had found the “holy grail” of martial arts, only to find they didn’t work on a % of people but were just another string to my bow, I then looked at Master Lim and his applications which were ok too. Mr Anslow has found a way to put all the various ways of doing applications together and is a modern day pioneer of teaching no nonsense and honest applications of our Chang Hon patterns.


The 3 hours just flew by as Mr Anslow’s knowledge is so extensive we could have gone on all day and everyone went away learning something worthwhile and a whole lot of stuff to think about and study.


Master Harrison and all at MCHF TKD and the various Instructors and students who benefitted so much from this seminar would like to thank Mr Anslow for travelling up and sharing his time and knowledge with us.



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