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First Competition in 18 Months: LTSI IX English Opens

10 intrepid students  competed at the LTSI IX English Opens yesterday. The first competition we have done for over 18 months, for some the first time competing ever. It was the first competition students have been able to compete in since Covid-19 struck, back in 2020.

Between the 10 of them, they won 10 medals: 5 Golds, a Silver and 4 Bronzes.

All showed good performances in the Patterns divisions, many had tough fights in the Sparring divisions (some against much taller opponent's) and we narrowly missed out in the Special Technique events (one students coming 2nd, but sadly they only award 1st place in these divisions).

A big thankyou to all the parents, wives, brothers, sisters (and daughter of mine) who stayed and supported the others.

Well done all.

For the full results - Please Click Here

For a video from the event - Please Click Here

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